Hear from our awesome Love and Care HVAC staff

Tim Davidson

Timothy Davidson

My name is Tim Davidson and I have been working at Love and Care since before Day 1!!  I’m a third generation Sacramento native and graduated from all local schools, Kennedy High, Sacramento City College and Sac State with a B.S. in Business.  I’ve been in home improvement since 2004 and carry an active general contractor’s license  (TSD Construction). 

Now that Love and Care has grown and I have been able to delegate many of my responsibilities, I hope to settle into a sales and marketing role for the company.   For fun I like to hunt and fish, and to cook for my large family.

Marshal Harlan, Journeyman Technician

Marshal, Journeyman Technician

My name is Marshal, and I have been in the HVAC business since 2006. I am a second-generation technician and learned a great deal from my father when I was too young to work. When I became of age, I wanted to serve my country in the military prior to going to work full-time, and it was there that I learned a great deal of discipline and respect that has served me well thus far in life. When I left the military, I started in the HVAC trades doing new home residential installations for a year and a half, and then moved into retrofit installations, where each day brought a new challenge; I really enjoy this aspect of installing because I like my mind to be challenged. Like in the military, the emphasis is doing a quality job right the first time. I’ve been EPA Universal certified since 2008, and NATE certified since 2010. Additionally, I am WARD flex certified, track- pipe certified, and carry multiple other certifications from various manufacturers. I take pride in what I do every day to deliver a premium finished product that we can stand by. I consider this trade an art form, and believe me, not everyone is cut out for it! It’s hard and dirty work, but rewarding; it takes a special person to come in and do it every day. I treat each client as if it was my own family member; family is the most important thing to me.

Derek Craft, Journeyman Technician

Derek, Journeyman Technician

My name is Derek. As a carpenter’s son, the trades and working with my hands came naturally to me. I spent many years in the construction world (underground, plumbing, concrete, etc.) before finding a home in the HVAC industry in 2015. This career is not only fun but rewarding in many ways: diagnostics, problem solving, explaining the situation in plain English to customers, and mostly, the satisfaction of getting their HVAC back up and running and the household comfortable again. I have been learning and mastering my craft since I started and will continue to do so.  Proper training and certifications are continuous with an ever advancing industry. I am proud to be a part of the Love and Care team and will ensure I provide the utmost professional service possible. When not at work, anything off-road and outdoors is my passion. With my growing family, (2 children so far) my hands are always full. Finding the balance between work and family is very important to me. The integrity and family values held at this company is what any employee would be excited and thankful to have the ability to be a part of. 

Chase Campbell

Chase, Journeyman Technician

I was born and raised in beautiful South Lake Tahoe and lived the dream of being able to ski all the time in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Over the years I have worked in several different construction trades, wearing many different hats. That breadth of experience has helped me “see” the HVAC industry through an exceptional eye. One of the personal things I have been able to bring with me along the journey is my care and compassion, which was cultivated by being raised by a single mom of three. My wife and I relocated to the Placerville area in 2016, and have since purchased our first home; we plan to start a family in the near future. I first met Christopher Shaw, the owner of Love and Care, when I moved to the Placerville area and went to work for the largest HVAC company in that market. In late 2020, when the call came and the opportunity presented itself, I went to work for Chris. I was thrilled to bring the knowledge and skills I had acquired over the years and apply them to the Love and Care team. Along with the continued training we receive at Love and Care, there is no doubt that my skills will both stay sharp and improve, allowing me to provide my customers with top of the line technical skills and exceptional customer service.

Mike Knipprath, Journeyman Technician

Mike, Journeyman Technician

My name is Mike and I was born in Tillamook, Oregon. I have been working as an HVAC installation technician since 2001; there's not too much I haven't seen or done in the business over all these years. I take pride in my work and can't wait to come and work for you!  When I'm not working I like to go fishing and I like to play some frisbee golf.  One of my favorite things about this type of work is helping people to be comfortable in their home again.  In the summer of 2021, I decided to make a change and came to work with Chris at Love and Care.  The main reason I came was to be a part of something great. Now that I've been here for a couple months I am very happy about my choice.

Gregory (Bubba), Installs/Sales

My name is Gregory, but if you ask anybody about Gregory, nobody will know who you are talking about. Now if you ask about Bubba, everybody will know! I work for the California State Senate in the security division as an X-Ray Technician in the early part of the day. It’s my job to make sure nothing gets into the Capitol that can do any harm. Since I start early and get off early, I was looking for an opportunity to harness my boundless energy. I already knew construction first hand and know how to do just about everything building, fixing, and remodeling homes, but I did not know HVAC until coming here. Now with the help of Chris and my cousin Tim, I am feeling more and more comfortable in HVAC. For fun I like to hunt and fish, and love to coach my son and daughter in soccer and baseball. My wife and I have been together since high-school, and we spend a lot of time with our very large Italian-Greek family.

Jason Campbell

Jason, Apprentice Installation Technician II

Hi, my name is Jason and I was born in Portugal where I lived for 8 years before moving to Sacramento where I've been ever since. I have been working in the HVAC industry since 2019. Before that I did Telecom Construction in the Bay Area.  One of my favorite things about this type of work is the appreciation I feel at the end of a job well done. When I'm not working I like to skateboard, paddle board, and snowboard when the weather permits. My pride in my work is the most important thing to me.  I came to Love and Care in the summer of 2021 and found myself right at home. I hope to further my education in the trade so I can pass on the knowledge that has been shared with me to the next generation of technicians. For now I'll continue honing my skills and giving every install my Love and Care.


Zak, Apprentice Installation Technician

Hello, my name is Darrell, but everyone calls me Zak.  I was born in Sacramento, CA and grew up in Wilton, CA.  I came to work for Love and Care in March of 2021 because I wanted to learn this business from Chris.  I had heard from my good friend Anthony, who worked here for two summers, that this was a tough but rewarding job.  Since I have been here, I have learned so much about myself, and about this business.  When I’m not working, I like to golf and be outside.  In the future I’d like to maybe run my own business.  My favorite things about working here are my boss and all the people I work with.

Mark Shaw

My name is Mark Shaw. I am the older brother to Love and Care’s founder Christopher Shaw. After spending the last fourteen years with Comcast, I decided it was time to join the family team and go to work for Love and Care. At Comcast I played many roles ranging from cable tech to residential account management, and finally small and medium business account management. I am a tradesman and enjoy honing my skills in woodwork, electrical, masonry and even as a locksmith. But my number one passion is food! I graduated Le Cordon Bleu in 2009, and like many others I hope to own a small restaurant someday closer to retirement. For now, I will cook for my family and for the guys at the office—which will have a firehouse kitchen feel. I look forward to this new chapter of my professional career and look forward to meeting many of you!

Alyssa Yanke, Customer Service Representative

Alyssa , Customer Service Representative

Over the years I have worked as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) for several of the larger HVAC companies in the Sacramento market. During that time I have been able to hone my skills, developing the most important one for my position, communication. Since much of communication is non-verbal, it is essential to have a command of the language when communicating on the phone and through email. Your tone, whether in voice or in writing, really tells the customer a lot about you and the work they can expect from you—and ultimately the company. Additionally, I take pride in being able to work efficiently and productively, and have proven myself to be a dependable employee. My goal is to provide customers with a satisfying experience, and I believe that honesty is the best policy. I work to incorporate all of my experience and skills I have accrued every day, and in all that I do. When I am not taking care of our clients, I love to travel with my young (and growing) family. I appreciate the work-culture that Love and Care has fostered, and the value that they place on family.

Hannah McMahon, Administration

Hannah, Administration

I started in the administration side of the HVAC business to help my Dad (Tim Davidson) process the orders and get all the customer files completed. I really enjoy organizing the piles of paper that come in and am pretty good at it (I am a neat and tidy person!). I am actually starting to learn a lot about the business and enjoy the opportunity to make a little extra money while I raise my two little girls. I can process files in my time when the kids are at school, or even sleeping. Being a stickler for details has helped me learn the process quickly, and helped the company stay organized. We recently launched a new CRM software program, so I am entering all the data into that as well. At our own home we did a complete system replacement in the fall of 2018, and I was able to see first-hand how hard the guys work every day, gaining a new appreciation and understanding for what they do. Since this is truly a family business, I am curious and hopeful about how I will fit in in the future when my girls are in school full time. In my free time, I enjoy cooking with my husband, travelling, playing with the girls, and of course reading mountains of books to them (over and over and over!).

Kimberley Power, Administration

Kimberley, Administration

My name is Kimberly and I came to Love and Care early in 2021. Over the years my career journey has led me down a path of amazing learning opportunities. What I have learned is that most of my career choices all have some common ground, and that common ground is numbers: reports, projects, data collection, vendor management, relationship management and organization. I am a strong multitasker and a self-starter with a desire for a positive team environment. I am proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and QuickBooks Pro. I am extremely detail oriented and skilled in documenting communication for future references. I love using my acquired and developed skills at Love and Care and look forward to helping them become one of the greatest HVAC companies in the market.