Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

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Why maintenance is needed on a furnace or air conditioner

Your heating and air conditioner works harder than you would think. Since you do not have to go over and turn a switch on every time you need to heat or cool your home you may not realize how many times your system cycles every season. Your thermostat is one that turns your system on and off.

You may have asked yourself "Do I really need my system maintained". The straightforward answer is yes you do and the service is important.

A service to your heating and air system can catch 90% of issues before they happen. Almost all breakdowns at the peak summer heat or even in the freezing cold could have been caught from a routine maintenance. There are also times where the break down causes other components or parts in your system to fail as well.

What you need to know is what is involved in a routine maintenance. A real service to your system is more than a quick wipe down with a citrus solution. A full service really does take 60-90 minutes. It takes time to disassemble your system and then put it back together again. A qualified technician must have the skills to not just take the system apart and clean it but also put the system back together and have it operate once the cleaning and calibration is performed.

If a maintenance takes less time than that there may be cause for concern especially if the system has been neglected for a few years. Even veteran technicians take roughly 60 minutes to perform a full cleaning and inspection.

What if there are recommendations for parts replacement?

Occasionally there will be recommendations for parts replacement during the cleaning and inspection. If there is a recommendation it will be explained to you why the part needs to be fixed or replaced. Remember the whole goal of a maintenance is preventive maintenance meaning catching a problem before it happens.

If a system is neglected too long it is possible for some part s to create problems with other parts. The sooner an issue is caught the less damage that may be created.

All parts and pieces in a system do have tolerances or manufacture specifications to determine the lifespan of the part or the piece.

So what about the super cheap prices out there for maintenance?

You may see ridiculously low offers to clean a system and that may be a reason for concern. Most good companies out there will charge somewhere above $70 to come out and look at your system. Some may charge just a bit less than $70 for a maintenance. A lower price may mean the technician needs to "find something wrong" to cover the lack of the price for the call. What it really comes down to is who you are comfortable with and how they help you out.

Your system does need to be maintained for peak efficiency as well. A dirty air conditioning system is going to require more energy to run. This increase in cost will be seen on your energy bill. In some instances a maintenance can help keep you from the higher levels or tiers for your electrical carrier. Sometimes the investment in a maintenance can be offset by the reduced cost of energy used by your air conditioner and or furnace.

Setting up a maintenance by Love and Care is really easy all you have to do is ask for the maintenance special. Call 916-714-1143. We would love to take a look at your system and show you how much we care that the service is done right. 

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