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Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

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Common problems with air conditioners in Sacramento

 Your air conditioner works harder than you would know. There are common problems with air conditioners that come from their usage.

A few of the most common issues you will have with and heating and air conditioning units are fan motors, capacitors and contactors. These parts inside your air conditioner are heavily used so they have a higher chance of breaking.

What you need to know is there are not extra parts inside of your heating and air system. All parts are used and each part relies on the next one.

One of the most common reasons your air conditioner fails is because it has been neglected. Your air conditioner does need maintenance every year.

There are multiple parts that need to be cleaned or adjusted inside of your cooling system.

If you have not taken care of your air conditioner you can expect it to break when you need it the most. Your air conditioner will break on the hottest day of the year at the most inconvenient time.

At first you may notice your air conditioner not blowing cold air. You may even hear noises and sounds before your system stops working. Whatever happens when you system stops working you will want to turn your air conditioner off.

By turning you thermostat to off when it breaks down you lesson the chance of more damage. Yes it may be uncomfortable and you will find there may be less repairs needed when your technician comes out.

One of the best ways to make sure your air conditioner does not break down in the middle of summer is a tune up or inspection.

To start with your central air conditioner has a high probability that it runs on high voltage electricity. The first part in the sequence of operation is going to be the disconnect. This box may or may not have fuses and allows your system to be protected or shut down during repairs.

The next item in your system is going to be the contactor or the high voltage on and off switch controlled from your thermostat. The contact points may become damaged over time not allowing for the electrical connection to be made, the contact points may misalign not allowing electrical current to go to the motors or the contactor can weld itself together causes the air conditioner to run after the thermostat has been satisfied.

The power from the contactor typically runs to a capacitor for the compressor and or the fan motor. This capacitor is a device that helps electrical current stay constant for the motors. Over time capacitors can fail from age or usage.

Your outdoor fan motor is controlled by the contactor. Your fan motor may wear out over time just because of wear and tear or because of lack of maintenance. There are times where the capacitor is the problem with your outdoor fan motor.

The compressor in your air conditioner is what moves the refrigerant through the system. This is more than likely a high voltage motor where the capacitor is needed to start the motor and keep it running. Over time the internal parts can wear out causing your system to not turn on. A compressor is welded shut and does not have a rebuild kit.

The last of the items in your air conditioner is going to be the coils. The coils may remind you of a radiator out of a car since they are very similar and serve the same type of function. The coils on your air conditioner are used to transfer the heat in your refrigerant. If your compressor isn't working you will not be able to move the refrigerant.

If your outdoor coils have been damaged you run the risk of losing refrigerant. Your air conditioner is made of parts and pieces that are welded together. An air conditioner should never leak refrigerant. Some homeowners have been told their system needs to be topped off very year and this is false. Your technician is required to have a license to check your refrigerant level and also to even add refrigerant. If you ever see the lines that run from your air conditioner to the wall freeze this is a sign you should turn off your air conditioner and have a technician take a look at your system.

You may be having problems with your heating and air system and if that is the case we would love to help you out and take care of your problem. To have a qualified and friendly technician sent to your home pick up the phone and dial 916-714-1143 and we can get you taken care of. 

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