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Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

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Common problems with furnaces in Sacramento

Your furnace is the hardest working component in your heating and air conditioning system. One of the reasons you need annual maintenances is to ensure your system is not only working within factory tolerances but also to make sure parts are not worn out. The simple act of frequently changing the filter does help with ensuring your system operates properly.

If you have not maintained your system through a tune up or changed the filter we can still help you out.

There are multiple functioning parts in your furnace that can fail. Your mother board or circuit board is the heart of your controls. If your heating system is on the roof inside and all in one package system or in the attic the temperatures can exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of heat stress for part of the year and then being subject to cold weather during the winter can make your system go haywire when you need it the most.

Inside your system you also have safety controls that are subject to wear and tear from the heat. Your blower motor runs the air for not just the heating but also the cooling side. Between the heating and cooling your fan motor has the capability of running 2800 hours or more in the Sacramento valley. This number is achieved by figuring out how many average heating and cooling days are used for the Sacramento Valley.

If your blower motor is not working you will not have any air flow. Attached to most indoor blower motors are capacitors. The best analogy for you is a capacitor is like a battery where it stores and electrical charge. This charge is used to even out the electrical current for the blower motor. If your capacitor is weak or out of tolerance your motor may not run at all or run efficiently.

Your heating element or hot surface ignitor will only turn on in new systems once the safety devices have been initiated. There are times where these elements will not turn on if a safety device is malfunctioning. This lock out of the system is to make sure your furnace is operating as it should.

To part of your system that controls the gas would be the gas valve. This device is tied to your mother board or circuit board and turns the gas on and off. There are times where this device gets stuck or does not turn on or off.

Last of all the internal work horse for your heating system are the heat exchangers. These pockets or tubes are directly responsible for the heat inside of your home. Your heat exchangers expand and contract every time the heater runs. Your heat exchangers should be inspected yearly to ensure they are intact and working properly.

Qualities to look for in a heating and air technician

One of the reasons you want to make sure the technician coming to your home is qualified to work on your heating and air system is because of the amount of items that can have issues or problems. The parts and pieces that make up your furnace work together like a symphony. If one of the parts and pieces is off it has the potential to cause problems somewhere else.

When your furnace does not work it can be uncomfortable and that is why if it had broken down we would love to take care of the break down for you.

Getting a qualified technician out to your home is really easy, just pick up the phone and call 916-714-1143 and let the friendly office staff know your furnace is not working. From there you will be able to set up a convenient time to have someone out to your home. 

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