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Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

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New Ductwork and better airflow can lead to better comfort

The ductwork in your home is one of the most neglected parts of the puzzle when it comes to comfort and or energy efficiency. The ductwork in your home is how the hot or cold air is delivered to each room. What is not discussed often in the industry by technicians or salespeople is what happens with older ductwork or ductwork not assembled correctly?

Old dirty ductwork caries the dirt, dust and pollen that makes it past your filter. These particles become logged in the ductwork and build up over time. Proper filtration does help with the issue but if you have allergies or other breathing problems the ductwork may have lived its course.

There is not really a way to mechanically clean ductwork in a way that is cost effective. The problem is it would have to be disassembled to be cleaned properly. The time it would take to do this type of work is not cost effective especially when you look at the materials used to make the ducts. Many times trying to take apart ductwork could lead to damage to the ductwork.

New ductwork may be more energy efficient

Older ductwork is not energy efficient as the newer materials. Computer models have allowed ductwork manufacturers to build better ducts that are more energy efficient. Thicker insulation leads to less bleed off of energy. Reflective covers also lead to the ducts to be more efficient as well. In a hot attic the amount of insulation wrapped around your ductwork does matter. The thicker the insulation the more efficient the ductwork is.

Sizing of ductwork does matter

The other thing to understand is most ductwork is not sized properly to give you HVAC system its optimal ability to run. The models for duct design were not accurate up until a few years ago. The industry placed most of the blame on the equipment and not the ability to move the air. When you combine old dirty ductwork with inefficient design you are stuck with a double whammy.

The return can hurt your air flow

Your returnair is what draws the air back into your heating and air system from the inside of your home. Almost all returns are sized too small to deliver proper airflow back to your furnace. This is a typical upgrade with the proper replacement of a new system. In some instances the return grill can be converted to a high flow replacement. The more air you can get back into the system the better off you are. There is no such thing as too much return air. If your system is "chocked down" and it cant get enough air it will never function properly.

The supply plenum can cause problems with your comfort

As your home was built the installer may not have worried about the airflow or delivery when they performed the install. The placement of ductwork on the supply air plenum does matter. Your supply air plenum is where your ductwork connects to the air conditioner or furnace. This one commonly overlooked design flaw creates so many comfort problems for homeowners.

How to get the most efficient ductwork for your home

To get the most out of the comfort in your home and the most life out of your heating and air system you may hear the recommendation to replace the ductwork you have along with the parts and pieces that hold your ductwork together. This recommendation really is meant out of Love and Care for you and your home. If you would like to have a complementary evaluation of your ductwork call the office at 916-714-1143 and let them know you are interested in duct replacement. 

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