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Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

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What causes high energy bills when using my air conditioner?

 If you have high energy bills in the Sacramento area when you use your air conditioner it may be a sign of problems. The first quick fix is to take a look at your thermostat setting when your energy bills are high. 78 degrees is the recommended thermostat setting when you are at home. Some homeowners set the thermostat and forget it your roun...
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Why is my home so dusty and what can I do about it?

The dust in your home may be coming from more than just an open door or window. One of the items you may not have considered is your heating and air conditioning system causing the problems with dust in your home. More specifically you may have a problem with your duct work or damaged ductwork connected to your heating and air system. The ductwork ...
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What type of filter does my heating and air conditioner need in Sacramento?

The filter in your heating and air system doesn't just protect the equipment it also protect your lungs. What you must understand is whatever makes it past the filter in your system you will end up breathing. Some homeowners have never changed their filter from the time they have moved in until they have had to have a service call. There are some h...
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