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Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

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Service Professionals Explain The Importance Of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Love and Care Heating and Air LLC provides the best quality HVAC servicing and installation services in Greater Sacramento  Blog Summary: Love and Care Heating and Air LLC explains earliest warning signs and common problems with HVAC. The importance of HVAC systems in residential buildings cannot be overemphasized. Your HVAC helps to keep you ...
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8 signs it may be time to replace your HVAC system

Air conditioning systems are one of the biggest investments we make for our homes, so it's only logical to want to get the most out of them. Unfortunately, no matter how well-maintained your HVAC system might be, you're going to have to replace it at some point. An old or damaged HVAC system can result in issues for homeowners such as growing energ...
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The Importance of HVAC in Elk Grove

Understanding HVAC Needs in Elk Grove, CAElk Grove, CA is a wonderful place to live, offering a population of around 170,000, beautiful communities and a quality housing market. When living in the Elk Grove, the average home is several decades old, which can result in the need for maintenance. If you are living in the area, you know that your HVAC ...
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The End of Freon (R-22) for Air Conditioners

 What to Do When There's No More R-22Unless you are in the HVAC industry, or have recently purchased or repaired your HVAC system, you may not know what R-22 is. Most everyone has heard of Freon. Freon is the commercial name of the refrigerant coursing through the veins of older HVAC systems. And the big news you need to know about now is that...
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In Sacramento, Do Allergy Sufferers HVAC Systems Die Sooner (part 2)?

​Do Allergies Cause Your Cooling and Heating Systems to Work More?In a seasonal response to the mind numbing amount of allergens blowing around in the Sacramento Valley right now, we ask the rhetorical question of whether or not HVAC systems that are owned by allergy sufferers wear out sooner? Or, are allergy sufferers replacing their HVAC systems ...
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Do Allergy Sufferers Pay More for Electricity in Sacramento?

Can Allergies Lead to Higher Energy Bills? The question is not a proverbial one for allergy sufferers in the Sacramento Valley: Do allergy sufferers pay more for electricity? The answer is a simple yes, and it's going to get worse. If you live in the Sacramento area and you have allergies, unless you are heavily medicated, you are quite miserable m...
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Love & Care's HVAC Maintenance Club

Heating and cooling are essential to comfort in the home, especially in the Greater Sacramento Area. At Love & Care Heating + Air, we strive to provide the best service options for our clients, ensuring that all HVAC systems are operating smoothly. During the summer, you rely on your cooling system, while the winter months require a quality hea...
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What is a cracked heat exchanger and why does it matter?

A gas fired furnace has an internal chamber used to create heat. This chamber is a heat exchanger and over time can see damage. A large amount of homes in the Sacramento area are heating by gas and default have a furnace. Given enough time in a home and under the right conditions a heat exchanger is going to fail. The constant heating and cooling o...
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Why is my air conditioner so noisy outside?

If you have a bed room next to your outdoor air conditioner or like to spend time in your back yard the noise you air conditioner makes may be excessive. A common question heating and air conditioning technicians hear in Sacramento is Why is my air conditioner so noisy? Your air conditioner is a mechanical device and it has moving parts. These movi...
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What causes high energy bills when using my air conditioner?

 If you have high energy bills in the Sacramento area when you use your air conditioner it may be a sign of problems. The first quick fix is to take a look at your thermostat setting when your energy bills are high. 78 degrees is the recommended thermostat setting when you are at home. Some homeowners set the thermostat and forget it your roun...
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Why is refrigerant so expensive – do I need to replace my system if it has r22

Your air conditioner or heat pump uses refrigerant to cool your home in the summer. There are multiple types of refrigerant on the market. Some of the types used are for commercial use and some are used in the residential market. R22 is one type of refrigerant that has been used for quite a while in the residential market. The technical name for R2...
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Should I get a home warranty on my air conditioner / furnace

Home warranty is one way homeowners protect some of their appliances inside their home. A home warranty may be great for smaller appliances but may leave you high and dry when it comes to fixing a broken heating and air system. If you take the time to read the fine print you will find there may be quite a few exclusions on why service cant be perfo...
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How long should my heating and air system last in the Sacramento Valley?

One of the most common questions homeowner ask about a furnace or an air conditioner centers around the longevity of a system. How long does an air condition or how long does a furnace last is an important question. Some of the life of a system is up to you and some of this answer is up to the manufacturer and the parts they put in the system. Most...
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What should I do if my Air conditioner breaks down in the middle of summer in Sacramento?

It is not a matter of if your air conditioner or furnace breaks down it is a matter of when it breaks down especially living in the Sacramento Valley. A hot home in the summer or freezing home in the winter is never comfortable. You can create more problems and damage when you do not simply turn off your air conditioner or furnace when it is not fu...
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New Ductwork and better airflow can lead to better comfort

The ductwork in your home is one of the most neglected parts of the puzzle when it comes to comfort and or energy efficiency. The ductwork in your home is how the hot or cold air is delivered to each room. What is not discussed often in the industry by technicians or salespeople is what happens with older ductwork or ductwork not assembled correctl...
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Why maintenance is needed on a furnace or air conditioner

Your heating and air conditioner works harder than you would think. Since you do not have to go over and turn a switch on every time you need to heat or cool your home you may not realize how many times your system cycles every season. Your thermostat is one that turns your system on and off. You may have asked yourself "Do I really need my system ...
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Ductwork and airflow

Why the rooms in your home do not get enough airThe ductwork in your home is one of the most neglected parts of the puzzle when it comes to comfort and or energy efficiency. The ductwork in your home is how the hot or cold air is delivered to each room. What is not discussed often in the industry by technicians or salespeople is what happens with o...
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