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Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

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Press Release August 2019

Love and Care HVAC , based in Elk Grove, California, has announced that homeowners and property owners in Elk Grove and neighboring areas may want to look at whether their air and heating system may need to be serviced. With summer in full swing, it is never too late to have their air conditioner serviced. They want to point out that making sure th...
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The End of Freon (R-22) for Air Conditioners

  What to Do When There's No More R-22 Unless you are in the HVAC industry, or have recently purchased or repaired your HVAC system, you may not know what R-22 is. Most everyone has heard of Freon. Freon is the commercial name of the refrigerant coursing through the veins of older HVAC systems. And the big news you need to know about now is th...
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In Sacramento, Do Allergy Sufferers HVAC Systems Die Sooner (part 2)?

​ Do Allergies Cause Your Cooling and Heating Systems to Work More? In a seasonal response to the mind numbing amount of allergens blowing around in the Sacramento Valley right now, we ask the rhetorical question of whether or not HVAC systems that are owned by allergy sufferers wear out sooner? Or, are allergy sufferers replacing their HVAC system...
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How do I know if I can trust a heating and air company?

Trust is important when you need to have work performed or when you want to replace your heating and air system. Most homeowners want to make sure the items shared as being broken really do have issues. It is unfortunate that a few technicians make things up in order to get repairs made. This is not as common as you may think it would be, its only ...
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