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How do I know if I can trust a heating and air company?

Trust is important when you need to have work performed or when you want to replace your heating and air system. Most homeowners want to make sure the items shared as being broken really do have issues.

It is unfortunate that a few technicians make things up in order to get repairs made. This is not as common as you may think it would be, its only a few bad apples that cause this problem.

As a homeowner you have over 300 choices for heating and air conditioning companies in the Sacramento area. The types of companies can range from great all of the way to some that leave more to be desired. Trust is important for any business or service.

How come one tech says one thing and another says something different

Universal training is not required to be a heating and air conditioning technician. Some companies require for technicians to learn from a technical school while some technicians are self taught. The level of knowledge a technician has leads to their capabilities to properly diagnose a heating and air system.

There are quite a few reasons why heating and air technicians can have a conflicting diagnosis:

  • Some technicians have so many service calls placed on them there is no possible way to diagnose the system properly. A true diagnosis of your system means looking at all of the parts involved including the ductwork. A proper diagnosis can take 60 – 90 minutes and sometimes longer if there is a technical issue.
  • There are times where technicians quit on the diagnosis because they do not have the necessary knowledge to complete the inspection.
  • You will find some technicians may be scared of asking you for a large sum of money because they fear you will be angry with a diagnosis.
  • As technology evolves so does the amount of knowledge it takes to work your air conditioner or furnace. Some of the technicians out there simply do not have the skills needed to work on the newer equipment

Licenses and legal requirements

A company that operating above board will have all of their licenses in place. A company that does not have a contractor license should automatically be excluded from performing any type of work and especially an install. A salesperson should be able to furnish their Home Improvement Sales Number (HIS License) upon request. This number can be looked on the California State License Board any time

Online ratings and referrals

One way you can look for the right company is the type of reviews left by clients. A consistent track record may be one indicator of a company you can trust. Not all review sites are the same and some of them cater towards negative reviews.

In instances of not having enough reviews you can ask for referrals for clients that have had work performed recently.

Length of time in the industry

If you are looking at a new company it is important to look at how long the owner and the employees have been in the business. It could be a mistake to think a newer company cant compete with a company name that has been in the market for a while. Every market gets disrupted with technology and time. The benefits of a smaller company comes from the personal touch and the attention given to clients.

If you have questions or concerns about having your heating and air conditioning fixed we would love to take care of you. Please call the office at 916-714-1143 and let our friendly staff know what you would like to have help with. 

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