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In Sacramento, Do Allergy Sufferers HVAC Systems Die Sooner (part 2)?

Do Allergies Cause Your Cooling and Heating Systems to Work More?

In a seasonal response to the mind numbing amount of allergens blowing around in the Sacramento Valley right now, we ask the rhetorical question of whether or not HVAC systems that are owned by allergy sufferers wear out sooner? Or, are allergy sufferers replacing their HVAC systems more often because they are in use more?

In Part 1 of the Allergy series we focused on the need for allergy sufferers to run their systems more than the average household because they don't have the luxury of opening the windows to bring in fresh or cooler air, and the impact that has on the family budget due to increased electrical usage. The choice is either to sit around in a stuffy, hot house, or turn on the HVAC system and let it move the air about and cool it.

At first blush one might think that since the system is constantly running that it would wear out faster. But allergy sufferers are more likely to keep their air filters clean, more likely to have preventive maintenance on their systems, and more likely to get more efficient systems when they do replace them to help control electricity costs. All of these variables actually lead to a longer life for the HVAC system.

HVAC Maintenance Extends the Life of Your Heating & Cooling System

When we regularly take our vehicles to Jiffy Lube, and when we regularly rotate our tires, and when we take our cars to the mechanic if the lights on the dash start flashing, we will extend the life of our vehicles and we will maximize the efficiency of our vehicles. The same logic applies to your HVAC system. Most of you know that the HVAC system is the single largest mechanical operating system in the home. If you've recently replaced yours, you also know that it is the single most expensive operating system in the home.

When you go looking for a used car to buy, and you can find one that has mostly highway mileage, you're more likely to get that big smile on your face because you know it has had less stop and start driving, which is harder on a vehicle. The same principle applies to HVAC systems. Stopping and starting is the hard part, so a system running efficiently, and with variable speeds (think your automatic transmission on your new vehicle) will operate longer in minutes per cycle, but because the system is running more efficiently, will lead to a longer life. 

The Verdict

So the answer to the question of whether allergy sufferers "kill" their HVAC equipment sooner, is that if the system is properly sized, and the proper "prescription" of efficiency is applied on the install, then the system should operate longer and have a healthier (less breakdowns) life than a system that does not fill the bill correctly. For any questions or to schedule HVAC maintenance in the Sacramento area call Love and Care Heating & Air (916)714-1143 or visit our site.

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