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Service Professionals Explain The Importance Of Regular HVAC Maintenance

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Blog Summary: Love and Care Heating and Air LLC explains earliest warning signs and common problems with HVAC.

The importance of HVAC systems in residential buildings cannot be overemphasized. Your HVAC helps to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and safe. Heating and cooling components enable you to control climate and proper airflow, ensuring that you neither freeze during winter nor get inconvenienced by heat in summer.

However, as time goes by, and with frequent use, your HVAC system ages and many of its components begin to fail. Unfortunately, many homeowners are in the habit of putting off minor issues with their heating system during the cold winter months.

Some even turn to friends or family with little or no HVAC experience to perform repairs just to get their heating system through another winter. While this approach may help them save cost at the initial point, it may cost you hundreds of dollars in repair later.

If you don't fix minor HVAC problems, they can eventually turn to major problems that might become too big to handle. At this point, it will require much more money to resolve the problem. This is why it is extremely important to have bi-annual HVAC maintenance to ensure that your heating and cooling equipment is functioning the way it should.

With a regular maintenance schedule, it becomes much easier to notice problems at their earliest stage and perform quick and cheap repairs. If your HVAC system is beginning to age, it might even be more cost-effective to upgrade to a new one. This will help you save money on monthly energy cost and eliminate costs of frequent repairs.

What Are The Common HVAC Problems?

Clogged Drain
If your air conditioner is working but not cooling down the house, it's possible that your unit's drainage system has been clogged. A clogged drain can adversely affect the functionality of your air conditioner. Leaving the problem unattended to for a long time can cause bigger damage to your system. Therefore, it is better to have clogged drain fixed as soon as possible by calling a HVAC specialist to clean the drain lines.

Dirty Filter

When your unit's filter is dirty or clogged, air won't be able to flow easily through the filter, preventing your HVAC from cooling your house. This makes your cooling unit less effective. Although the process of changing a dirty filter is easy and straightforward, it is advisable to call a HVAC professional near you who will be able to check for other problems that may limit the functionality of your unit and fix them early.

Mechanical Wear And Tear

Like any mechanical equipment, your HVAC relies on a number of mechanical components to function optimally. Over time, your unit's performance can be negatively affected when components such as belts and bearings become worn out. Component wear and tear may cause problems such as overheating, airflow issues or poor heating.

Rare Furnace Noise

Some furnace noise are a part of normal operation of your unit, while some may be an indication of a mechanical problem. A squealing or whining motor can be an indication that the bearings in an inducer motor or blower motor are failing. In this case, a replacement of the motor may be required to avoid a furnace failure.

What Are The Warning Signs That Your HVAC Need Repair?

Sudden rise in your energy bills

It's normal for your energy bills to fluctuate throughout the year, but you should keep an eye out for any sudden and suspicious spike in your energy consumption. A sudden surge in energy costs might be a warning sign that you're dealing with a damaged HVAC. If you notice this, call a HVAC specialist for inspection as soon as possible.

Unusual smells

Your heater will likely produce some unusual smells when you turn it on for the first time in a few months, but the odor shouldn't persist for long. Lingering smells could mean that your heating coils are covered in mold or grime. If left unaddressed, this can impact your health. If you keep smelling strange odors every time you turn on your heater, call a professional for inspection.

Where To Find The Best HVAC Services In Sacramento

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