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What is better for a home on Sacramento a Heat Pump or a furnace?

When it comes to replacing or installing a central heating and air system you do have plenty of choices to choose from. There are pros and cons to some of the design elements. You may hear people use the term heat pump and have questions about what exactly a heat pump is

When homeowners choose heat pumps

A heat pump is a 100% electrical device with not natural gas or propane running to it. There are pockets in the Sacramento area that are all electric. If your home does not have propane or natural gas to your home you have one option, a heat pump.

The air conditioner on your heat pump is exactly what you already know and expect. The system cools exactly as it would even if you have a gas fired furnace.

In the winter you will hear the heat pump shift from heating to defrost mode. In defrost mode your heat pump shifts from heating mode to cooling mode so that this ice can be melted off of the outdoor unit. You have heat strips that are used to heat the air. A heat strip is the type of element you see in a toaster or a blow dryer. Heat strips can be expensive to run since they operate off of pure electricity.

The one downfall that homeowners say happens with a heat pump is the lack of hot air that comes out in heating mode. The air in the winter can come out at roughly 100 degrees.

Homes in areas towards the foothills and the country typically have heat pumps in the Sacramento area.

If you have gas or propane on your property there are times where heat pumps are converted to a gas fired furnace. In order to make this change a gas line needs to be added as well as an exhaust flu.

When homeowners choose furnaces

Most of the areas of Sacramento have natural gas and use a gas fired furnace to heat the home in the winter. The amount of heat a furnace produces may seem hotter to homeowners, the average temperature they comes from a furnace can be near 130 degrees. Some homeowners will also say that a gas fired furnace has the feel of humidity to the heat. A large amount of the homes in the Sacramento valley use gas for heating.

When replacing a furnace with a heat pump an extra high voltage electrical circuit needs to be ran. This circuit is used to power the indoor section of the heat pump as well as the heating strips.

When a heat pump is the right choice

There are times where a gas fired furnace does not make sense especially when using propane. Some larger furnaces can burn 1 gallon or propane an hour. The price of natural gas can fluctuate greatly and for this reason some homes may be better off with a heat pump instead. You can price yourself out of heating your home if the price of propane increases.

If your property does not have access to gas of propane the only choice is a heat pump.

How to know what choice to make for replacement a heat pump or a furnace

If it is time to replace your heating and air system you can get the right recommendation as to which way to go. We would love to take care of you and your questions when it comes to replacing your heating and air system. A design session typically takes 60-90 minutes at your home, sometimes longer if there are multiple technical requirements. Just Call 916-714-1143 and let the friendly representative know you would like information about replacing your system. 

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