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Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

Blending honesty, trust, & integrity with accountability, skill, & expertise

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What should I do if my Air conditioner breaks down in the middle of summer in Sacramento?

It is not a matter of if your air conditioner or furnace breaks down it is a matter of when it breaks down especially living in the Sacramento Valley. A hot home in the summer or freezing home in the winter is never comfortable. You can create more problems and damage when you do not simply turn off your air conditioner or furnace when it is not functioning correctly.

One of the most typical things homeowners do when their system isn't work is to try and force it to work. This repeated effort to turn on a system that is not working properly is not recommended.

Why you should turn your air conditioner off if it breaks

What you do not know is you can create more costly damage by trying to operate a system that isn't working right. All of the parts and pieces in the system work together. Problems with one part can lead to problems with another. Some of the parts have heat sensors that when overloaded shut the system down. On a hot day it can take a great deal of time to get the system started again and lead to a longer diagnosis time.

It can be uncomfortable on a very hot day or even on a chilly day to be without your air conditioner or your heater. To minimize the amount of repairs you will need to get up and running again please turn your thermostat to off.

By turning your thermostat off when your system is not working properly you can limit the wear and tear created by a part or piece that is not working properly. It is better to be uncomfortable for a few hours than it is to create more damage to your furnace or your air conditioner. The more damage your heating and air system has the more the repair will be when your service technician comes out to get you up and running.

Turning your system off may lead to less diagnosis time from your technician when they come out to make the repair.

You may increase your wait time

When your heating and air system breaks down there is nothing worse than having to wait to have a repair made when you do not have to. Your technician will also thank you for turning your air conditioner or furnace off so they can make the necessary repairs.

There was something that lead your system to a break down. One of the things most homeowner do not know is the furnace or the air conditioner in your home needs to be maintained yearly to reduce operating costs and to also limit break downs. All manufacturers recommend that your system is looked at and maintained yearly for optimal performance.

A preventive maintenance on your furnace or air conditioner can catch 90% of issues before they happen. You can save yourself from aggravation and frustration next time by having your system looked at before summer or winter begins. We would love to take the time to look at your furnace or air conditioner and take care of the problems before they happen.

If your heating and air system has failed you, one of our technicians can help you get up and running. Our trucks are stocked with parts and most of the time your system can be repaired on the first visit. Just remember to turn your system off while you wait for your technician to arrive to your home.

It is really easy to get a technician out to help you with a repair. All you have to do is Call 916-714-1143 and let the representative know you would like a maintenance for your furnace or your air conditioner. 

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