Heating and Air Services

We service all major brands of residential heating and air conditioning; no matter what brand of heating and air equipment you have, we can service it.  Christopher Shaw has garnered a “box-full” of service awards over the years and seen it all when it comes to equipment problems.  Chris is an expert not only at diagnosing the problem but explaining it in easy to understand terms.  Each technician at Love and Care has been trained by Chris.

When it comes to the equipment that’s heating and cooling your home, it’s similar to your car in the sense that it needs regular maintenance for optimum performance.  Imagine if you drove your car night and day and never bothered to change the oil or replace your air and oil filters; it wouldn’t run very well would it?  Now think about your attention to service detail when it comes to your heating and air system.  I think most of us can confess that we too often neglect the system we expect to keep us comfortable.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner and Furnace

Not only is a well maintained system more efficient at keeping you comfortable, but legitimate safety concerns are addressed and alleviated when you have an experienced technician working on your equipment.  Heating and Air systems either run on natural gas, propane, or electrical, or some combination thereof.  You can imagine the potential for damage if any one of these supply components were to be compromised.  Over time, when equipment turns on and off many times a day, circuits can be damaged or weakened causing sparks and or failure.  All of these circuits are inspected during regular maintenance.

When heating and air systems are not operating efficiently, it is virtually impossible for them to deliver the proper conditioned air.  Service Tune-Ups help to ensure your system is operating efficiently.  Additionally, Tune-Ups guard against breakdowns during peak performance times—exactly when you need it most.  During the Tune-Up all motors are tested for efficiency, all circuits are examined.  In fact, 30+ points of concern are addressed.  

Drains often get clogged over time.  A clogged drain often goes unnoticed to the homeowner.  By the time you notice a clogged drain, there is usually some water damage to the house or worse, even dry rot.  Heating and Air systems are tucked away in places we don’t look often.  We don’t want to see it, just have it running to keep us comfortable.  A Tune-Up will give you peace of mind about your system and the many workings of it.

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